Maine Strawberry Pageant

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2021 Maine Strawberry Pageant

Applications are being sent out NOW for the 2021 Maine Strawberry Queen Pageant!  If you have a girl that is interested in this you can request an application packet! Contact Liz Chaisson with a message through this page!
All age groups fill up quick with 10 girls in each age so don't wait - it will be first applications back, first in!!!! (Even if you were a contestant last year, send me a quick message and I will email yours out asap!)


Age groups are: 

        Blossoms 5-7 

        Princess 10-13 and 

        Queens 16-20! 

Any interested young ladies may request an application packet! 

Contact Liz Chaisson HERE, or by calling her at 207-446-1262




A Big THANK YOU to all of our participants for the 2018 Pageant!


Photo Left:

The 2018 crowned were: 


Back row (L to R):  

Deanndra Kalloch of Whitefield - Strawberry Princess Runnerup

Lily Belanger of Pittston - 2018 Maine Strawberry Princess

Jordan Snell of West Gardiner - 2018 Maine Strawberry Queen

Tori Grasse of Windsor - Strawberry Queen Runnerup and Miss Congeniality 


Front row (L to R): 

Lexi Benner of West Gardiner - 2018 Maine Strawberry Blossom

Charlotte Garloff of Pittston - Strawberry Blossom Runnnerup

If you like to meet new people, make new friends, be in parades, volunteer and most of all HAVE FUN;
this will be the pageant for you!