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Maine 4x4 Festival
2023 TBD



The Pittston Fair Mud Runs have been an area favorite for years!

Come join us each year for the Annual 4x4 Festival which takes place

the end of Spring each year!

Start the summer off right with fun in the mud! 


For more information, Contact us HERE.



Saturday Events:*

Shallow Mud -10:00AM (Reg @9)

Deep Mud - 12:00PM (Reg @11)

Tuff Truck to Follow Deep Mud

(Stock Tuff Truck and Modified Tuff Truck)

8pm Burnout competition

(Registration at 7pm)

* Events and times subject to change.

Download Flyer for more details!

Gate Fees:

Kids 5 & Under: Free

Ages 5-12: $10.00

Ages 13 & up: $20.00


Event Entry Fees are $10.00 PER EVENT

2023 Mud Run Flyer -Coming Soon!

Check out the photos here!

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